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Communications Platform as a Service Billing and Rating

The market for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers is growing rapidly as corporate IT/Application development teams look to embed communications capabilities into new and existing applications via the cloud.

CPaaS allows these development teams to add functionality, such as SMS, MMS, Telephony, Video, Authentication, Speech Recognition and a variety of other innovations, into the applications their customers and employees use. This added functionality eliminates the need to integrate these applications into the world of Telecommunications.

As the market for CPaaS evolves from small and medium to the mid-market and large enterprise, solution providers will face challenges from their existing back office systems. These pre-existing systems do not offer the right level of flexibility and agility needed to create custom enterprise plans along with the scalability needed to accurately meter, rate, charge and bill for the usage of their services.​

CPaaS Back Office Challenges Addressed by LogiSense

Reducing Time to Market

Supporting new communications tools over both existing PSTN and WebRTC networks require a platform that is both service and medium agnostic in regards to the service being delivered.

Usage Based Billing

Accurately rate and charge a variety of models based on a multitude of rate plan genres, such as Per Minute, Per Call, Per Text, Per Transaction, and Per Event.​

Flexible Business Models

From Freemium plans that allow developers to sample the service, simple subscription models targeted towards a given set of features, to granular pay-per-use models and complex enterprise plans, solution providers need solutions that cater to a global audience of small, medium and large organizations.​

Support Large Volumes

As the number of new applications and their adoption continues to grow, solution providers need a scalable solution with carrier grade availability to handle millions, and potentially billions, of usage transactions per customer.​

Customer Centric Billing

Enterprise customers are looking to solution providers to provide solutions that match specific, customized sets of requirements.  For these enterprises to stand out, solution providers will need to focus their efforts on providing solutions with an unprecedented level of flexibility, agility and reliability.​

The LogiSense Usage Rating and Subscription Billing solution provides solution providers with all of the tools needed to put forward an agile monetization platform that differentiates amongst the competition.​

  • Capture New Revenue – the LogiSense platform is designed to allow you to capture new revenue from any conceivable service, over any medium, PSTN, or WebRTC
  • Enterprise Personalization – enable sales to personalize offerings and better manage the enterprise customer experience – as to not leave potential profits behind​
  • Eliminate Billing Errors – generate clear, concise and accurate invoices for customers with thousands to millions of active devices on a network​
  • Global Product Catalog –single product catalog that can be templatized to support vertical and horizontal markets with support for global currencies, taxation rules and payments​
  • Enterprise Billing – provide single or multiple account solutions that support multiple verticals, locations, etc. on a single invoice​
  • Carrier Grade Platform –adhere to the strictest Service Level Agreements for many different types of deployment models – from Cloud to On-premise and hybrid Cloud / On-premise solutions​
  • Automation – simplify your Order Management capabilities with our workflow engine that converts swivel chair operations into automatic procedures​
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