Enable a Secure Digital Subscriber Experience

Client Experience Management

Customer experience, in an end-to-end context, is defined as the quality of each of a customers touch points with a company’s products, services and brand.  Having a solid customer experience program is vital in acquiring and retaining more customers.

Many service providers today are focusing on what is called the Digital Subscriber Experience – the touch points with a customer through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

As a result and as part of a service providers monetization strategy, they need to equip their enterprise customers with tools to self manage their subscriptions through many different channels. This allows customers to:

  • Log in to view invoices and service level usage 
  • Pay their bills – and do so in a secure PCI compliant manner 
  • Add and remove incremental and new services 
Multi-Touch Attribution

LogiSense helps you to automate every critical customer lifecycle touch point you have with your users.  From welcome emails, invoice readiness, payment confirmation, renewals and service level changes, we enable you to build in as many of your own touch points as possible.

Customer Care

Through our administrative interface customer service representatives get a complete 360° view of all subscriber data. This multi-faceted view supports all call center functions while also providing sales teams access to customer data and usage for proactive selling.

Self Service Support

Whether looking for a greenfield solution or integration into an existing enterprise portal, LogiSense provides the tools necessary to support a completely secure online customer experience.

Automated Order Management

The LogiSense CEM solutions focus on not only delivering a positive front end experience, but offer a fully integrated solution package. LogiSense ensures the downstream elements, such as network service provisioning and virtual asset management, are tied together with the front end to create a better overall experience and improve customer retention.

Bill Transparency

With usage and pay-per-use pricing models coming to the forefront for customers, it is becoming increasingly more paramount for service providers to proactively notify customers when their usage approaches a service level agreement threshold.

If service providers can notify their customers about their usage in real time, they can provide advice in terms of how to control, or change, their subscriptions and avoid nasty bill shock scenarios. By offering these solutions to your customers, customer retention and satisfaction will increase and the complaint calls that will decrease.

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