Future Proof and Scalable Monetization Platform

Billing Operations

Our technology enables providers with service agnostic platforms to mediate, rate, charge and accurately bill for any transaction in real time.  LogiSense built its solution to provide consistent carrier grade support as your business grows.

In providing the highest caliber of service, coupled with unmatched uptime support fair, equitable SaaS-based pricing, and terms to satisfy your business case, we ensure peace of mind for our customers.

Billing Management

Reduce business complexities with automated tools for efficient billing:

  • Custom design customer invoices 
  • Localized catalog, admin and currency support 
  • Configure and manage multiple bill cycles 
  • Global taxation support 
  • Secure automated payment processing Reduce business complexities with automated payment processing
Open API Architecture

LogiSense provides a robust suite of open interfaces for service providers to leverage for seamless integration between existing infrastructure and billing systems.

The LogiSense solution also features pre-built integration with CRM, ERP and Tax partners like Salesforce, Avalara, SureTax, and NetSuite, as well as technology partners such as BroadSoft and Ingenu. These pre-built integrations enable low cost implementation, faster time to market, and faster time to revenue.. LogiSense provides a robust suite of open interfaces that service providers can leverage for seamless integration between existing infrastructure and billing.

Deployment Scalability

Designed to scale as your business grows and adherent to the strictest of rules surrounding data sovereignty, LogiSense provides a carrier grade platform with 99.99% service uptime.  LogiSense provides a variety of deployment options to suit the needs of your business.

Workflows and Automation

Turn common IT processes into fully automated workflows presented in easy-to-follow graphical views modeled after your requirements.

PCI and SOC Compliance

Your customers expect their sensitive credit card data to be handled in a secure manner.  Thanks to the development of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), new security measures are required and accessible to ensure cardholder data is not compromised.

LogiSense has PCI Level 1 compliance, the highest level of PCI certification available.  In addition to PCI DSS Certification, LogiSense has also obtained SOC 1 Type 2 Certification.

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