Billing as a Service

Better Serve Customers for Long-Term Recurring Revenue

Rapidly roll out B2B2X revenue sharing agreements

As the Product-as-a-Service market continues to grow in complexity, so does the need for powerful and flexible Billing/OSS platforms.

In order to compete, service providers frequently need to adjust models in order to accommodate companies reselling their services or wanting to market their own. Service providers familiar with subscription and usage-based billing models have an opportunity to share revenues with these companies.

The LogiSense Billing-as-a-Service offering is a powerful software solution for service providers seeking to leverage existing infrastructure and customer care facilities with reseller markets.

Boost the Bottom-Line

Service providers can further increase revenues while providing Enterprises with the support they need to be more profitable. LogiSense customers can utilize their existing billing infrastructure to provide Enterprises with a turnkey solution that includes agile billing – saving them from having to find, configure and deploy their own billing solution.

Competitive Advantage via the Cloud

Designed to manage complex billing across any service, over any medium, and from any provider, this multi-tenancy solution enables service providers to support complex pricing models over multiple Enterprises with just a single solution.

Generate Predictable Recurring Revenue

LogiSense customers are able to migrate their existing billing solution from a cost center to a revenue-generating asset. Go beyond selling connectivity and devices and include the full package for a monthly recurring and stable revenue stream.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

Customer experience is in a serious transformation phase and those that keep up with customer expectations are the ones who are going to thrive. Provide your customers with greater flexibility to grow beyond traditional business models and implement pricing that aligns with how their customers are willing to pay for the services being delivered.

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