Wholesale Usage Rating & Billing Solution

Wholesale Billing or Billing-as-a-Service with EngageIP is a powerful, flexible, and accurate solution for Service Providers seeking to leverage infrastructure with reseller markets.

As the Telecom markets continue to grow more competitive and complex, so does the need for the right usage rating and billing platform. In order to compete in the marketplace, Service Providers are required to frequently change models to accommodate companies reselling services and sharing revenue.

LogiSense EngageIP software allows Service Providers to support complex activities such as multi-tier rating. Additionally it enables a rapid roll out of B2B revenue sharing agreements that support usage and non-usage based services.

  • Support for multi-tier rating rules
  • Automatically calculate shared revenues
  • Flexible billing architecture
  • Carrier-grade Rating Engine
  • Managed Reseller Billing Services

Managed Billing Services

The wholesale ecosystem is predicted to grow for the next several years. EngageIP allows Service providers to bill for hosted services and additionally manage the entire billing/invoicing for all services offered by the wholesale provider - creating additional sources of revenue for the Service Provider.

EngageIP is a cost-effective Billing/OSS software solution that permits future growth and rapid turn up time.

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