Subscription Billing Solution

Reduce costs and maximize profitability with EngageIP Subscription Billing

In today's competitive and dynamic business environment service providers need to offer flexible and creative customer offerings. Management or Marketing is often the creative driver, leaving Engineers to figure out the task to acquire, provision and bill the customers.

While subscription billing is not new in the Service Provider marketplace, it is gaining wider adoption and is pushing the limits of Rating and Billing platforms that may not have been designed for creative-marketing.

EngageIP provides the flexibility for most innovative and aggressive marketing plans. It allows Service Providers to add value for the organization as well as consumers. Offer pre-paid or post-paid models, create and provision services for bundled, a-la-carte or freemium (trial-based).

The EngageIP Value to Service Providers

  • Manage subscription, recurring, metered hybrid and other monetization models
  • Integration with Payment Processors
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  • Powerful API for current and future business monetization models
  • Generate predictable revenue or specified time periods
  • Automate. Optimize. Simply your service offerings

The EngageIP Value to Consumers

  • Self-Manage subscriptions
  • Easier to manage payment and cash flow
  • Possibility of flexible commitment terms
  • Seamless service activations/upgrades

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