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For many enterprises the traditional business model of designing and developing a product, marketing and distributing the product for sale, selling the product, the end customer taking the product home and thus ending the sales transaction is changing.

Customers are demanding more from what they buy and businesses are looking to grow revenue streams.  To multiple revenue potential, companies are starting to look at long-term value creation.  Rather than selling customers a single, self-contained product and letting their relationship end right there and then.

In order to do this effectively, enterprises need to start looking at selling their “Products-as-a-Service”.  Just as “Software-as-a-Service” companies have benefitted, selling your product “as-a-Service” is easier to sell because it lowers upfront costs, generates predictable recurring revenue and creates longer customer relationships which can drive further sales.

This business model evolution changes everything.  This is a new way of thinking .  Customers now pay for the usage of the service being provided by the enterprise and not just the asset.

This has a direct impact on the back office system of enterprise organizations who must now determine how to effectively converge old and new business models that support the value each product provides to the end customer.

The LogiSense Enterprise Usage Rating and Subscription Billing system offers unprecedented advantage to essentially any industry or enterprise by eliminating back office complexity- providing complete agility in usage rating, monetization and subscriber management. With LogiSense, companies are empowered to take control of their service offerings, thus clearing the path to new revenues.

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