New LogiSense Custom Portal (ECP) Empowers Service Providers to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

Designed to enable Communication Service Providers to quickly deploy flexible and powerful customer facing portals for enhanced customer experience and self-care

Cambridge, ON, Canada (Feb 12, 2013) – LogiSense, a global provider of Billing and OSS software and services to the Telecommunications, Hosted/Cloud Communications, Convergent, and Broadband industries today announced the release of Engage Custom Portal (ECP), the company’s latest offering which will revolutionize the way its clients deploy end-customer facing portals for customer self-care.

In the past, service providers were restricted by pre-defined interface layouts that required additional customization and pro-longed turn-up times. ECP addresses this bottleneck head-on by taking advantage of reusable content components that are assembled within a flexible framework to deliver a  complete and customized product to the end-user. This not only allows service providers to cultivate an enhanced user experience, but also make flexibility and personalization more diverse.

Ideal for EngageIP Rating and Billing clients that need to fetch usage data from various sources such as BroadWorks, MetaSwitch, or others, the system is built using an extensible model that makes it easy to pull this data and display it on ECP to the end-customer or client.

The announcement of ECP illustrates LogiSense’s understanding that solutions need to be shaped around the needs of customers and not limited to the capabilities of technology.

In the following video interview, LogiSense’s Louie Conceicao (Marketing Manager) and James Chambers (Product & Community Development Manager) discuss the latest developments surrounding EngageCP, how it fits into the current ecosystem of existing customers and what’s coming down the pipe.

LogiSense empowers its customers with proven innovative resources, technical expertise, and unmatched support in order to quickly and cost-effectively design, build, deploy, manage and monetize their respective solutions. The company’s flagship software product EngageIP has field-proven features and functionality that address service provider requirements, including billing, cost allocation, customer care, policy management, network usage administration, telecom rating and IP services delivery.

ECP Product Highlights

  • Breadth of standard components to kick-start deployment
  • Clean UI with dynamically created menus based on installed EngageIP features
  • Ability to create components via SDK to connect with external data services
  • Leverage pre-existing components that load EngageIP data for you and/or via web services or API
  • Built-in user accounts and administration features based on EngageIP user base and roles

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LogiSense is a global provider of Rating and Billing software, services and solutions to the Telecommunications, Hosted Communications, Convergent, and Broadband Industries. To win in the connected world, SPs rely on LogiSense' EngageIP® Rating and Billing products to Automate, Optimize, and Simplify their back-office requirements such as billing, order management, rating, provisioning, taxing, invoice presentment, and customer self-care - while staying ahead of their competitors with new service offerings, and improved operational efficiency.

Experience and expertise in voice, video, data and content services, LogiSense offers a broad portfolio of licensed and/or Billing-as-a-Service (BaaS)-based Billing and OSS products and solutions, empowers its customers with proven technology, innovative software, technical expertise and unmatched support to quickly and cost-effectively design, build, deploy, manage, and monetize their respective solutions.

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