Wearable Technology… new revenue opportunity for Service Providers?

June 5th, 2013 |

Nike Fuel Band (Credit: Nike)

In early 2012, Nike introduced FuelBand and Google announced its Glass Project… since then the global design and business community has exploded.

If it wasn’t difficult enough deciding which clothes to wear, in the future we may be faced with a new dilemma…

What wearable technology?

Whether you see yourself wearing an embedded technology accessory or not this latest sensor revolution will have a huge impact on our lives in the next 5-10 years.

Like the PCs of the past and mobile devices and tablets are doing today, wearable technology might just be positioned to be the next player in innovation. According to Credit Suisse, the market (approx. $4 billion today) could jump to $50 billion within 5 years.

Service Providers have good reason to be optimistic as this opens the door to new revenue opportunities…

  1. Increased demand for reliable mobile data services.
  2. Provide consumers with more valuable experiences via increased importance of Big Data.
  3. Partner with wearable technology providers to offer bundled data packages.
  4. Resell wearable devices along-side your current mobile offerings.

And the list goes on…

As a service provider or consumer, what are your thoughts on wearable technology?

(Image credit: Nike)

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