We Are Listening

August 14th, 2012 |

As businesses grow and software matures, often both will stagnate, ingenuity will stall and performance improvements will be set aside in favour of hardware enhancements.

We at LogiSense Corporation have been bucking that trend for years as we continually strive to improve all aspects of EngageIP. We aren’t resting on our laurels, nor are we waiting for hardware to speed up the ever expanding data sets of the companies that rely on EngageIP as their billing platform.

We stay on top of things in a number of ways.

For one, we ensure that our EngageIP billing platform performs optimally on the latest released MSSQL platforms and Windows operating systems. Through this we’re able to make use of the latest advancements in software and features from performance related items to reporting functionality and monitoring.

A second way that we stay on top is by improving the interface. This is separate from any hardware or software in general terms and it means that we continue to improve the interface according to our internal reviews and according to end user experience and suggestions. An example would be the layout of particular screens that would be used by CSRs. We are able to tweak these in an ongoing fashion to ensure they meet the needs of the individual company and to the broader use base of EngageIP. We can provide such updates via the regular release schedules and by built in flexible options such as page extensions and jQuery code.

A third way we ensure that the functionality is there that you need is via the API. We are regularly adding and improving the API methods available for use, again via internal reviews and recommendations and by end user request.

We at LogiSense encourage a two way communication on improvements and  feature requests. We are listening! If you have a feature request or question as to functionality, please feel free to let us know how we can make your business run more smoothly!

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