LogiSense’s Commitment to Technology

August 22nd, 2012 |

Developers are constantly faced with technology choices, changes in frameworks, new versions of tools and product requirements, not to mention the race against products from competitors. That is why we’ve worked hard at LogiSense to select the best tools and the right fit for our team and yours.


The Tools That Deliver

We are proud to use the latest toolkit from Microsoft to equip our team. Visual Studio 2010 (and soon, 2012) keeps our developers productive and gives them the best development experience available on the market. It integrates seamlessly with the other tools in our chest and provides a great way to test and debug our code, ensuring our product meets and exceed our client requirements.

The latest frameworks have given us the opportunity to build out solutions for our customers that meet their growing and transforming needs:

• SQL Server – a fast and stable back-end that gives us scalability and performance in daily operations as well as reporting
• jQuery – lets us create responsive UI for our end-users and keep pages moving quickly which focusing on productivity
• Visual Studio – a development environment that puts the key tools in the right places to keep our team as productive as possible
• The .NET Framework – a solid collection of base classes, frameworks and libraries that let us assemble solutions more quickly than ever before
• Web Services – provide a product backing that allows for deep integration into external systems and other modules outside of our core product.


Patterns and Practices

Our core components are built from the essential building blocks of modern software development. We use concepts like dependency injection, composition, dynamic code compilation and have built out a great extension system that allows you to plug in c# or JavaScript code to extend the product even further. We use common patterns – like MVC – so that we can leverage the wide experience in the development community and recruit the best developers.

As we continue to advance our product we’re excited internally about the shift that Microsoft is taking towards open source and community-lead development. We are at a time where a community of developers can now be backed by a multi-billion dollar company for the greater development good. Projects like NuGet, the MVC Framework and even smaller ones such as SignalR are giving our developers opportunities to shine with novel approaches to common problems that in turn give our clients great competitive advantages.

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