All large telephone and cable companies that provide wholesale high-speed access services to independent service providers must now use a single billing model as a result of the latest ruling by the CRTC.

They must also offer the same rates for business and residential end-users alike.

This is in an effort to allow for a more straightforward billing process for independent service providers, where previously, certain large companies charged different rates under different billing models for wholesale and residential business services.

Furthermore, independent, high-speed Internet providers must now get a straightforward bill from the big telephone and cable companies with rates the regulator has set. As a result, some service providers will see significant reductions in the wholesale rates they pay to rent space on the large providers’ networks.

Even though the CRTC does not regulate Internet prices for consumers, it expects that the wholesale rates it has set will have a favorable impact on prices charged in the competitive retail market.

What are your thoughts on this ruling?


Many Telecom Service Providers offer wholesale services; managing multiple tiers of services for companies who operate disparate product catalogs – including your own – is no small undertaking. A common solution is to use a combination of automated and manual processes – and ultimately these methods prove to be unscalable.

Telecom Service Providers today are required to offer complex wholesale services to a myriad of resellers and residential outlets with its unique ability to separate service and product catalogs according to regional owners (Service Providers).

One company in Birmingham, Alabama who is well-versed in wholesale service offerings is Momentum. They have fine-tuned the complex process of managing residential, business and wholesale telephony to a range of Service Providers across the country. In doing so, Momentum has opened up entirely new markets with host of new service providers and partners.

The software solution in use at Momentum allows for a hierarchical configuration and service catalogs that can be created at specific tiers within a customer ‘tree’. Usage data, invoicing, billing and reporting are all contained and securely corralled within an owner-authority. Their solution allows virtually unlimited wholesale owner expansion as well as service expansion. The system makes it easy to report on all usage and billing for all wholesale accounts – making it easy to identify current and future profit points.

In order for Service Providers to be competitive in the Wholesale Billing market, a key component to a successful strategy is powerful Wholesale Billing Software. Considerations include secure segmentation between wholesale providers, robust mediation, flexible invoicing across wholesalers and the ability to offer segmented product catalogs.

If your organization is considering offering a wholesale model, due diligence should place significant weight on your Billing and OSS systems. Your customers, wholesalers and bottom line will reflect your decision.