The most common question asked related to EngageIP is whether or not it integrates with particular third party applications or hardware. The requirement is to further integrate and consolidate operations and ideally manage all of your information systems and authentication systems from one interface. EngageIP accommodates this in a number of ways including XML import, data exporting, and specific direct integration with switches for example.

The following are a couple of examples on moving data in EngageIP Billing/OSS

How can I get data into EngageIP?

  • Data can be imported via XML. This includes packages, services, user accounts and system configuration. This functionality is extensive and efficient and works out of the box and requires nothing more than a spreadsheet and the interface utility to import your data.
  • There are specific and dedicated integration with Genband for example where tools are provided to interface with the switch and ensure EngageIP has all the billing data it needs to bill for users on that switch. Similar integration are available and can also be developed on request.
  • The third option is to use our API to get data in. Using the API as the middleman you can easily massage data to the format required by EngageIP and fully automate the processing through your own processes from any data source you may have.

How can I get data OUT of EngageIP?

  • Using reports in EngageIP, you can filter, group and print or export the data to CSV or XML for use with any other program or simply for audit / reporting purposes where the data is to be imported to another application for further diagnosis / review.
  • We have dedicated tools for example to export accounting data to programs like Quickbooks. These tools can be automated and will transfer data on a scheduled basis to your accounting application. Please ask for details if you’re interested in a specific type of data export.

These are were only a few examples of how you can get data in and out of EngageIP via ‘out of the box’ methods. We have a solution for virtually  any sort of integration you need and most can be implemented with ‘out of the box’ feature sets.