LogiSense reunites with Simple Signal to Provider Billing and OSS Solution

April 16th, 2012 |

Second time is (also) a charm for LogiSense as the  global provider of Billing and OSS software today officially re-launched services with old friend and Telecom provider, Simple Signal.

Headquartered in Dana Point, California, Simple Signal provides converged, video and data over broadband to small and medium businesses.

“When we purchased a smaller telecom company, we inherited an additional billing vendor,” said Dave Gilbert, CEO of Simple Signal. “We were already using LogiSense, but it seemed like an easier and cost-effective path to use the new vendor. Our assumption turned out to be incorrect.”

EngageIP, LogiSense’s flagship Billing and OSS solution, is a robust, comprehensive platform that delivers the power and flexibility to manage the dynamic needs of today’s service providers. EngageIP was in place at SimpleSignal from 2006-2010 when things were wound down.

“We had a great relationship with SimpleSignal. We understood their choice and nobody took the move personally,” said Flavio Gomes, President of LogiSense. “We believed in the strength of our product and team and stood ready if they needed us to step back in.”

Due to inflexible billing options and lengthy service rollouts with the new software, Simple Signal initiated a migration back to LogiSense’s EngageIP software. It was a tremendous success.

“We missed the power of the software and we missed the expertise and support LogiSense provided us,” added Gilbert. “They made our migration easier than we anticipated. We were pleased to realize that we will be billing with increased speed and accuracy which ultimately affects our bottom line.”

“It provides assurance that LogiSense is well-respected in our market,” added Gomes. “It’s not often a vendor gets a second chance. We’re seeing a true win-win.”

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