EngageIP Billing by its nature, being a system that collects data, is only as good as its data sources. Its sources may be from hardware switches, routers, traffic management devices or data entry clerks. However the platform strives to be one step ahead of its data sources by providing many methods to validate and cross check the data being delivered to it to help improve workforce productivity. One of these processes is related to telecom data imports where we check for valid data first of cal... [read more]

Sharing data is not a new concept in the technology world, in fact it really was the catalyst for creating the network in the first place. What is new is the increasing frequency in which machines are sharing data. This concept is called Machine-to-Machine, or M2M. While the exact projections of just how massive M2M is expected to be varies depending on who you ask, most analysts are predicting growth rates of 30%-40% through to 2015. Despite the discrepancies on just how large M2M will get, one... [read more]

Listen to Roy Richardson discuss how LogiSense has helped Caribserve during their growth stage as well as continuing to provide benefits for future success.   ... [read more]

Extending the abilities of EngageIP and adding to its core functionality is often as simple as a page extension or a workflow. LogiSense provides many examples of code that you can plug-in to EngageIP to perform many different functions and can be easily customized to your organizations requirements. Page Extension – At its basic level a script that runs on a specified page within EngageIP to affect forms on the page or add color to ticket lists or do other client side functions that e... [read more]

LogiSense hosted the team from CaribServe (UTS) in St. Maarten. A long time billing and OSS client of LogiSense, we asked Roy Richardson to talk about the relationship between LogiSense and CaribServe.   ... [read more]

Recently Roy Richardson and members of his team visited LogiSense. Listen to him talk about CaribServe’s decision to select LogiSense as their Billing/OSS and customer management partner.     ... [read more]

The most common question asked related to EngageIP is whether or not it integrates with particular third party applications or hardware. The requirement is to further integrate and consolidate operations and ideally manage all of your information systems and authentication systems from one interface. EngageIP accommodates this in a number of ways including XML import, data exporting, and specific direct integration with switches for example. The following are a couple of examples on moving ... [read more]

Second time is (also) a charm for LogiSense as the  global provider of Billing and OSS software today officially re-launched services with old friend and Telecom provider, Simple Signal. Headquartered in Dana Point, California, Simple Signal provides converged, video and data over broadband to small and medium businesses. “When we purchased a smaller telecom company, we inherited an additional billing vendor,” said Dave Gilbert, CEO of Simple Signal. “We were already using Lo... [read more]

Flexibility and adaptability are key components for telecommunication companies to remain competitive in a market that is rife with competition. Being able to extend a billing system in order to streamline operations to meet business objectives is becoming more of a challenge for today’s service providers. Too often service providers don’t have tools that can adapt with the market quickly enough and are handcuffed by limitations of their Billing and OSS software. In an industry known for cha... [read more]

Many Telecom Service Providers offer wholesale services; managing multiple tiers of services for companies who operate disparate product catalogs – including your own – is no small undertaking. A common solution is to use a combination of automated and manual processes – and ultimately these methods prove to be unscalable. Telecom Service Providers today are required to offer complex wholesale services to a myriad of resellers and residential outlets with its unique ability to ... [read more]