Improve Workforce Productivity with EngageIP Billing/OSS

July 10th, 2012 |

EngageIP Billing by its nature, being a system that collects data, is only as good as its data sources. Its sources may be from hardware switches, routers, traffic management devices or data entry clerks. However the platform strives to be one step ahead of its data sources by providing many methods to validate and cross check the data being delivered to it to help improve workforce productivity.

One of these processes is related to telecom data imports where we check for valid data first of call, and then also check for duplicate records. The interface it self provides advanced validation logic per data field based on the type of data its collecting, for example if you enter a phone number, it doesn’t allow you to enter a customer name. Simple validation like that goes a great distance in ensuring the integrity of your data and through that, decreasing the amount of ‘junk’ legacy data that is often collected in other systems. These sorts of things are key to data reconciliation, and system performance both for billing runs and for day to day GUI processes.

The most basic method to import data though is by hand and its not a method that will go away soon since there will always be data issues to correct or adjust manually. EngageIP does an excellent job providing flexible billing and payment options to minimize manual data input however there are times when this is needed.  Things such as applying payments manually for customers when they call in fall into the manual data entry category and this relies on the employee to enter the data correctly.

LogiSense recommends that written processes are in place for your business – and they will be highly specific to your own business processes. We recommend step by step instructions for each process you may have such as applying a payment on a customer account, adding manual transactions, how to bill accounts etc. LogiSense also has some excellent resources to detail these processes however inevitably there will be some part of that process which will be required specific to your organization. Examples could include printing off a receipt manually for a customer, or updating an inventory system if its not integrated currently with EngageIP.

For business processes, LogiSense has a series of great training articles in our customer KnowledgeBase that you can print out and provide to your employees for the most common processes such as ‘How to add an account’, ‘How to apply a credit card payment’. Starting with the recommended processes from LogiSense you can keep the knowledge and skill level of your employees updated to ensure you’re doing things in the most efficient manner as well as making use of any new features that may make your workforce more efficient.

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