Rapid Growth in the Hosted PBX Markets

March 6th, 2013 |

It is estimated that by 2015, the VoIP services market will peak at around $74.5 billion.

In today’s challenging economic times it’s not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to reduce expenses and save time. The surprising part or rather idea that they are choosing to outsource their communication systems bodes well for the telephony industry.

As a Hosted PBX reseller or a VoIP Service Provider, you not only have to deliver excellent quality of service, but also have to ensure a better, more engaging customer experience if you want to build brand loyalty.

As new business models have emerged due to the increase in mobile devices and how your customers communicate on a daily basis many service providers have had (forced) to implement multiple billing platforms in order to keep up with the evolving service provider environment.

If that wasn’t enough, today’s service providers are increasingly faced with a greater challenge — to deliver a more positive customer experience no matter what service the customer is using, what network they are on, or how they want to pay for their services –- all while ensuring that the process is seamless to your subscriber. Yikes!

But there is a hope…

In the past, back-office billing systems were looked at as systems that simply generated invoices. Today, savvy service providers understand that if you are not managing your business effectively with what have become indispensable business tools, then you are not running a successful profitable business.

The proper Billing and OSS system no longer lives in the back-office and forgotten, it has evolved and become the most sought-after solution that connects your subscribers – services – revenue – and network.

LogiSense understands that in order for you to successfully tap into the revenue potential and compete effectively in this marketplace, the correct Billing and OSS solution aimed to automate, optimize, and simplify the delivery of your hosted services must be at the heart of your network.


The EngageIP Billing/OSS solution for Hosted PBX Service Providers/Resellers

From voice service creation and classification to provisioning the service internally; importing CDR, UDR, or EDRs from multiple sources and rating to billing and invoicing/bill presentment; the EngageIP Hosted PBX Communications Billing system allows you to efficiently manage and accurately bill all aspects of end customer voice usage.

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