New LogiSense Custom Portal (ECP) Empowers Service Providers to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

February 12th, 2013 |

Designed to enable Communication Service Providers to quickly deploy flexible and powerful customer facing portals for enhanced customer experience and self-care.

In the past, service providers were restricted by pre-defined interface layouts that required additional customization and pro-longed turn-up times. ECP addresses this bottleneck head-on by taking advantage of reusable content components that are assembled within a flexible framework to deliver a complete and customized product to the end-user. This not only allows service providers to cultivate an enhanced customer experience, but also make flexibility and personalization more diverse.

In the following video interview, LogiSense’s Louie Conceicao (Marketing Manager) and James Chambers (Product & Community Development Manager) discuss the latest developments surrounding EngageCP, how it fits into the current ecosystem of existing customers and what’s coming down the pipe.

The announcement of ECP illustrates LogiSense’s understanding that solutions need to be shaped around the needs of customers and not limited to the capabilities of technology.

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