CRTC Wireless Code Allows Canadians to Cancel Contracts after 2 Years

June 3rd, 2013 |

The new Wireless Code issued by the CRTC will allow Canadian consumers to cancel their mobile contracts after two years (even if they have signed on for a longer term) and also places caps on data overage and roaming charges, among numerous other things.

  • Applies to new wireless contracts beginning December 2, 2013
  • Requires wireless service providers to cap data overage charges at $50 for inside Canada and international roaming charges at $100 within a single monthly billing cycle.
  • Charges cannot be added without a consumer’s consent.


“We have been making a genuine effort over the past number of years to listen to our customers and respond with significant improvements. As a result, we already do a lot of what is in the new code,” said Ted Woodhead, Telus senior vice-president of federal government and regulatory affairs. “Telus believes that many aspects of this new code will give Canadians a strong and friendly set of protections.”


To learn more visit: Wireless Code: Bill shock, 3-year contracts, gone

The CRTC also says it plans to conduct a formal review of the Wireless Code within three years of its implementation.


Although the ruling might bode well for consumers and make them feel like they’ve gained a little more control… one question comes to mind…

Will we see an increase in smartphone prices?

The jury is still out on this but we’d love to hear your take on the ruling and possible price hike.


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