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Internet Telephony Product of the Year Awarded to LogiSense

March 1st, 2012 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

TMC, a global, integrated media company, has honored Logisense’s EngageIP Billing Solution with the 2011 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award. Watch the video.

“I am happy to grant LogiSense with a Product of the Year Award. The editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY have verified that EngageIP displays quality and innovation plus provides real benefits in the marketplace,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I would like to congratulate the entire team at LogiSense for their commitment to advancing IP communication technologies.”



LogiSense’s flagship product, EngageIP, is a comprehensive hosted IP Billing & OSS software platform that provides the power and flexibility to accurately manage customers and effectively handle all of the invoicing and operational procedures. The software contains a host of field-tested features and functionality that address every aspect of network usage administration requirements.

EngageIP is vendor neutral, developer-friendly and empowers customers to address multiple touch points of IP service delivery including billing, cost allocation, customer care, telecom rating and IP services delivery.

2011 Product of the Year winners are published in the January/February 2012 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the authority in IP communication since 1998.


Flexible Billing And Data Organization Options

February 6th, 2012 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

LogiSense EngageIP strives to be the best billing platform in the industry. To be the best, the software needs to be fast, flexible, robust and most importantly accurate. The first requirement is speed…

EngageIP can be easily scaled to handle your data and billing requirements whether it be on the telecom side of things or direct end user sales or service. The EngageIP solution manages this requirement through the use of MSSQL clustering services or replication on top of  a variety of technological options such as blade server installations and SAN data grids. Building on top of great industry standard Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MSSQL and Windows Server operating systems ensures that EngageIP will be flexible for many years.

The second requirement is flexibility and EngageIP is well ahead of the pack regarding this. Through the use of additional customizable data sets attached to customer records, your company can collect, organize, manage and deliver information to all areas of your organization, whether that be your accounting team via reports, or delivering authentication information to your subscriber gateways. Regardless of the type or amount of information you collect, EngageIP has an efficient way to process it and present back to you or your customers.

Third is the robustness of the platform. Service Providers need a system that is stable, provides maximum up time and quick response to CSR or customer input. EngageIP simplifies and manages this again through great Microsoft technologies as well as efficient, well thought out design from the ground up. EngageIP is a proven platform performing consistently all over the world.

The fourth and most important aspect of EngageIP as a billing solution is its accuracy. EngageIP delivers accurate onetime or recurring billing for your customer base and its a proven solution for many companies in a wide range of end customer and internal billing deployments worldwide. Your billing solution just needs to work and thats what EngageIP is best at. Your billing, your way delivering customized billing and fully branded invoicing and collection.

If you would like to hear from some of our customers to see what they say about our product, we would be happy to provide examples of just a few of our many successful deployments. Please contact our sales team at and we will be happy to setup a visit or a call to get you the information you need to make a well informed decision on your next billing platform!

Ways To Save Money Through Efficiency For The New Year

December 30th, 2011 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

With 2012 upon us and concern about fragile economies around the globe, it’s critical that every penny spent by an organization is used to garner maximum benefit for that organization. Ensuring that your resources and workforce are used efficiently is also an issue of top importance when considering fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

The flexibility of EngageIP allows organizations to automate swivel chair operations and consolidate manual labour whether through the use of less paper or by improving customer turn up times. Ultimately this ensures satisfied customers and quicker return on payments.

Inherent embedded abilities within EngageIP will minimize customer support activities and advanced workflows can simplify reporting and decrease manual desk work.

An example case for custom reports and delivery might be to replace an existing process where sale details or device turn up details are exported from various systems into a Microsoft Excel worksheet which is then manipulated and formatted for delivery to the accounting department. This tedious and time consuming process can be replaced by the consolidation of data into EngageIP. From there it can then be formatted automatically through a saved list view and  scheduled to be delivered direct to the accounting department for review – all while ensuring accuracy of process and adherence to strict formatting guidelines provided by accounting personnel. This limits user error and eliminates a time consuming process.

For more detail on streamlining your business processes through the use of EngageIP and its automation abilities, please contact us at or call (519) 249 0508.

And from ALL of us at LogiSense, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Volume 8, No. 1

LogiSense at BroadSoft Connections 2011 – Crush IT!

November 2nd, 2011 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

In October, LogiSense participated in the BroadSoft Connections 2011 conference in Phoenix Arizona as a  ‘Solutions Showcase Sponsor’. A full team travelled down to participate in the show…and it certainly was a worthwhile journey.

“BroadSoft Connections gives us a chance to not only showcase recent software enhancements, but allows us to reconnect with our customers and meet new players in the market,” said Marty Lachance, Director Marketing and Communications at LogiSense. “The industry continues to move through tremendous changes and will continue to do so in the coming two to three years. Billing and OSS are an integral part of BroadSoft Service Providers solutions.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to the community that Billing and OSS are often the primary factor to rapid growth.”

LogiSense demonstrated the EngageIP 8 platform integration with BroadWorks CDR mediation and Service Provisioning features. The innovative software caught the eyes and ears of Telephony Service Providers across North America. The company also released the exciting news that it has partnered with Momentum (Birmingham, AL) to provide BroadSoft Billing and Rating services to its Wholesale and Retail divisions serving a large part of the United States.

October 17, 2011, Phoenix, Arizona, BroadSoft Connections 2011, , LogiSense (, a leading provider of IP billing & OSS solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Momentum, a leading provider of cloud-based communications solutions, as its new billing provider. Momentum selected LogiSense because of its proven track record of successful deployments and cost-effective IP billing solution.

Read more about Momentum selects LogiSense for Billing.

Across the board, today’s Telephony service providers face more challenges than ever before. For converged IP and related offerings, such as hosted VoIP, video, IPTV, cable, ISP, etc., selecting the correct partner for billing & OSS is critical and should provide the differentiation needed to … [read more]

LogiSense (, a global provider of IP billing and OSS software, today reported results from its successful deployment with Apogee. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Apogee is the largest provider of on-campus residential networks (ResNet) for institutes of higher education, and is widely recognized as the industry’s pioneer.

Apogee’s custom solutions enhance the network infrastructure of colleges and universities to better manage… more


Running MSSQL Server 2003? Important Performance Update from Microsoft

August 9th, 2011 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

From the link:

The Microsoft Windows Dynamic Cache Service will manage the working set size of the Windows System File Cache. For 64 bit systems this service helps to address the problem of excessive cached read I/O that could eventually consume all of physical memory. Sample source code and compiled files are included in the compressed file.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 editions, Windows Server 2003 x64 editions, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Vista 64-bit Editions Service Pack 1, Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition

If you are running these versions of MSSQL,  LogiSense highly recommends reviewing the resolution here and getting the appropriate servers updated to minimize any performance implications.

Interview with Rich Kozub, Director of Client Services at LogiSense

Providing software in a fast-paced and dynamic environment is no small task. Further, ensuring top-tier support to a diverse client base is challenging, even for the largest of software vendors. LogiSense  ( provides IP Billing software to a diverse client base operating in the Telecommunications Satellite and Wireless space. We recently sat down with Rich Kozub, Director of Customer Service at LogiSense…

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Ontario, CA (June 14, 2011) – LogiSense (, a global provider of IP billing and OSS software and professional services, today reported its successful deployment with ESCO Technologies LLC (ESCO).

ESCO, a pioneer in healthcare communication solutions, is the developer of CareConnect™, America’s leading managed telecommunications service for senior housing communities. CareConnect communities enjoy the benefits of advanced technologies such as resident and business digital/IP-based telephone systems, state-of-the-art patient emergency response systems, wander management technology, enhanced satellite television services, high-speed internet service and wireless locator systems.

Esco Technologies Logo

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