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M2M Evolution Las Vegas Conference Agenda Announced

April 24th, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

The agenda for the premier machine-to-machine (M2M) technology event has been announced by TMC and Crossfire Media.

The event which is scheduled for August 26-29, 2013, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada will be collocated with ITEXPO (one of the world’s largest and best attended communications and technology trade shows).

Although M2M Evolution will concentrate on specific M2M applications within the supply chain, energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors (which seem to be making the largest strides in the M2M movement) other verticals should be able to walk away with a better understanding of how to utilize M2M applications to drive innovation in their industries.

The full agenda is available on the M2M Evolution Conference and Expo website however, attendees will learn how the Internet of Things can be utilized to improve business processes, minimize risk, and drive additional revenue streams by visiting on of these featured sessions:

  • M2M Managing Energy Solutions
  • Big Data – Unique Ways M2M is Enabling the Enterprise
  • 4G LTE New Generation of M2M Applications
  • Beyond Traditional Internet of Things
  • Data Security and Privacy: A Holistic Approach

to the M2M Evolution Conference and EXPO is now open.

DID YOU KNOW? M2M connected devices are said to exceed mobile phones in the coming years with 1.3 billing connected devices by 2020!

LogiSense’s M2M Billing Solution is designed to accommodate and monetize on this rapid growing market segment by ensuring that service providers have the right back-office support system in place.
Our flagship product, EngageIP ensures that billing rating, mediation, provisioning, policy management, and customer self-care, stream seamlessly through one powerful conduit making business simpler to conduct for provider and client.

Are you planning to attend M2M Evolution? 
What sessions are you most interested in? 

We’d love to connect with you while at the show to discuss how you are utilizing the M2M opportunity to build your business.
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Roadpost Satcom Inc. Deploys LogiSense EngageIP Billing and OSS

April 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

LogiSense EngageIP Billing and OSS Platform and BillSoft EZTax combine to Consolidate Billing, Rating, Taxing, Service Fulfillment, and Customer Care for Roadpost Satcom Inc.

LogiSense Corporation, a global provider of Billing and OSS software, services, and solutions to the Telecom, Hosted Communications, Convergent, and Broadband industries is proud to announce that Roadpost Satcom Inc., a Canadian leader in the distribution of mobile satellite products and services has chosen to deploy the LogiSense EngageIP Billing and OSS platform.

The project will automate and manage operational processes and business rules, improving product and service fulfillment reliability, billing, rating, invoicing, taxing, and customer self-care.

Read the full press release here: Roadpost Satcom Inc. Deploys LogiSense EngageIP Billing and OSS

LogiSense EngageIP Billing & OSS solution manages billing, rating, and provisioning of BluIPs’ Cloud-Based & Hosted PBX service offering

With the rapid migration to cloud-based communications for the SMB and LE markets alike, BluIP offers two major flagship products: BluIP Hosted PBX and BluIP SIP Trunking. BluIP Hosted PBX is a secure cloud-based PBX solution in which all business phones connect and operate off of their redundant and geographically-dispersed Broadsoft switches delivering voice solutions in a cloud-based, voice-as-a-service model. BluIP SIP Trunking consists of talk paths delivered to existing PBXs enabling businesses to convert legacy or IP-PBX into a more flexible and technically current solution.

To learn more about the partnership between BluIP and LogiSense and how both companies are looking forward to what the future holds as they continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences:

Click Here > BluIP and LogiSense Hosted PBX Solution Press Release


Rapid Growth in the Hosted PBX Markets

March 6th, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

It is estimated that by 2015, the VoIP services market will peak at around $74.5 billion.

In today’s challenging economic times it’s not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to reduce expenses and save time. The surprising part or rather idea that they are choosing to outsource their communication systems bodes well for the telephony industry.

As a Hosted PBX reseller or a VoIP Service Provider, you not only have to deliver excellent quality of service, but also have to ensure a better, more engaging customer experience if you want to build brand loyalty.

As new business models have emerged due to the increase in mobile devices and how your customers communicate on a daily basis many service providers have had (forced) to implement multiple billing platforms in order to keep up with the evolving service provider environment.

If that wasn’t enough, today’s service providers are increasingly faced with a greater challenge — to deliver a more positive customer experience no matter what service the customer is using, what network they are on, or how they want to pay for their services –- all while ensuring that the process is seamless to your subscriber. Yikes!

But there is a hope…

In the past, back-office billing systems were looked at as systems that simply generated invoices. Today, savvy service providers understand that if you are not managing your business effectively with what have become indispensable business tools, then you are not running a successful profitable business.

The proper Billing and OSS system no longer lives in the back-office and forgotten, it has evolved and become the most sought-after solution that connects your subscribers – services – revenue – and network.

LogiSense understands that in order for you to successfully tap into the revenue potential and compete effectively in this marketplace, the correct Billing and OSS solution aimed to automate, optimize, and simplify the delivery of your hosted services must be at the heart of your network.


The EngageIP Billing/OSS solution for Hosted PBX Service Providers/Resellers

From voice service creation and classification to provisioning the service internally; importing CDR, UDR, or EDRs from multiple sources and rating to billing and invoicing/bill presentment; the EngageIP Hosted PBX Communications Billing system allows you to efficiently manage and accurately bill all aspects of end customer voice usage.

Request a demo of solution today by completing the form on the right!


CRTC Rules for Straightforward Wholesale Billing

March 5th, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

All large telephone and cable companies that provide wholesale high-speed access services to independent service providers must now use a single billing model as a result of the latest ruling by the CRTC.

They must also offer the same rates for business and residential end-users alike.

This is in an effort to allow for a more straightforward billing process for independent service providers, where previously, certain large companies charged different rates under different billing models for wholesale and residential business services.

Furthermore, independent, high-speed Internet providers must now get a straightforward bill from the big telephone and cable companies with rates the regulator has set. As a result, some service providers will see significant reductions in the wholesale rates they pay to rent space on the large providers’ networks.

Even though the CRTC does not regulate Internet prices for consumers, it expects that the wholesale rates it has set will have a favorable impact on prices charged in the competitive retail market.

What are your thoughts on this ruling?


EngageIP Converged Billing System Selected by ERF Wireless

February 20th, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

ERF Wireless Inc. (OTCBB: ERFB) Headquartered in League City is the parent company of Energy Broadband Inc., ERF Enterprise Network Services, ERF Wireless Bundled Services, ERF Wireless Messaging Services and ERF Network Operations. The company specializes in providing wireless and broadband product and service solutions to enterprise, commercial and residential clients on a regional, national and international basis.

“We needed a system to consolidate our operations onto a single Converged Billing System . The flexibility and reputation of EngageIP as a converged solution in the marketplace and outstanding customer support was pivotal to our decision to select LogiSense in supporting our growth strategy and ongoing success,” said Brian Cubley, Director of Operations, ERF Wireless Inc.

The EngageIP Converged Billing System will facilitate account management, billing, provisioning, customer self-care, work order management, and reporting all within a single platform allowing ERF Wireless to consolidate their disparate systems while keeping revenue streams accurate, operations lean, and minimize time to market of new products and services as the business scales.

“Service providers today are investing in solutions to differentiate themselves and address customer loyalty. With EngageIP, ERF Wireless will be able to react quickly to customer request and recognize additional revenue streams as they launch new services into the market quicker and more efficiently. We are pleased with the success of this partnership and look forward to supporting their growth now and in the future,” said Flavio Gomes, President/CEO, LogiSense


Read the full press release here:
ERF Wireless Selects LogiSense EngageIP Converged Billing System


Designed to enable Communication Service Providers to quickly deploy flexible and powerful customer facing portals for enhanced customer experience and self-care.

In the past, service providers were restricted by pre-defined interface layouts that required additional customization and pro-longed turn-up times. ECP addresses this bottleneck head-on by taking advantage of reusable content components that are assembled within a flexible framework to deliver a complete and customized product to the end-user. This not only allows service providers to cultivate an enhanced customer experience, but also make flexibility and personalization more diverse.

In the following video interview, LogiSense’s Louie Conceicao (Marketing Manager) and James Chambers (Product & Community Development Manager) discuss the latest developments surrounding EngageCP, how it fits into the current ecosystem of existing customers and what’s coming down the pipe.

The announcement of ECP illustrates LogiSense’s understanding that solutions need to be shaped around the needs of customers and not limited to the capabilities of technology.

ITEXPO 2013 Miami

January 14th, 2013 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

ITEXPO 2013 Miami (January 30 – February  1, 2013)  offers a convergence of education, innovation, and networking. It’s  the only gathering where the entire community of communications and technology buyers, sellers, resellers, and manufacturers  meet to forge relationships and close deals.

We’d like to hear from you on what you’re expecting from the show.

Are you attending any collocated events?
What new innovation are you hoping to see at this show?
Which workshops are you most excited about?

Please share your comments below. If you’re interested in connecting with us as the show, drop us a line to set up a networking opportunity.


LogiSense Launches Developer Community Portal

December 17th, 2012 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

Designed to promote collaboration among EngageIP clients and deliver exceptional customer service. LogiSense, a global provider of Billing and OSS software, services, and solutions to the Telecommunications, Hosted Communications, Convergent, and Broadband industries is excited to announce the launch of the LogiSense Developer Community – DevComm – portal.

LogiSense has always been a customer-driven company and offers a level of service recognized throughout the industry as exceptional. DevComm will play a key role in that service going forward, providing an opportunity for sharing ideas and best practices as well as an avenue for candid feedback about our platform.  The development portal will become part of the way that clients interact with our team and each other.

“DevComm is designed to promote collaboration among all LogiSense EngageIP clients,” says James Chambers, Product & Community Manager of LogiSense. “It’s an opportunity to share development and customization strategies, best practices and showcase some of the best ways organizations are utilizing the EngageIP Billing & OSS platform.”

DevComm encourages discussion on how the EngageIP platform can be made richer and simpler to use for development teams. Members will have access to FAQs and best practice guides, exciting opportunities to participate in engaging discussion on product direction, advanced concepts and customization directions, user-defined extensions built using our SDK, and more.

“We know first-hand that the development team at LogiSense brings the ability to create well-crafted innovative solutions on the EngageIP platform.” stated Mark Holt, COO, Apogee Telecom Inc. “We look forward to the opportunity to tap into their skilled development resources as we continue to build leading solutions in our market.”

Full-featured customization tools for marketing creativity and next-generation service delivery with accurate billing, rating, provisioning, invoicing, and revenue management is one of the top reasons why organizations choose EngageIP, DevComm will inspire clients to harness these tools to automate, optimize, and simplify their business processes.

LogiSense At BroadSoft Connections 2012

October 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

LogiSense is participating in the BroadSoft Connections 2012 conference in Phoenix Arizona as a  ‘Solutions Showcase Sponsor‘. A full team will travel down to participate in the show.

LogiSense will demonstrate the EngageIP 8 platform integration with BroadWorks CDR mediation and Service Provisioning features. The innovative software caught the eyes and ears of Telephony Service Providers across North America last year and expects to do the same at this years show.